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A vision driven by big-picture thinking.

As a Canadian non-profit international development organization, CHF has been relentless in its mission to address the persistent cycle of rural poverty. To meet the challenge, we're driven by a passionate commitment to a world in which the rural poor can ultimately help themselves. A world in which they can obtain access to land, water, energy, technology, and other resources they need to improve their lives.

Our goal to deliver effective, sustainable and transformational development solutions is being realized via an approach we call Three-Dimensional Development – commonly known as the Sustainable Livelihoods Approach (SLA). Three-Dimensional Development lets us see beyond the surface of a community’s problems so we can detect the positive assets it already possesses, helping to foster sustainable livelihoods.

Our approach is working. For over 40 years, CHF has implemented over 800 projects in more than 40 countries, helping thousands in Asia, Africa and the Americas to improve their daily lives and break the cycle of poverty. Across the globe, the effect of 3-D Development is clear: by seeing more, we're seeing change.