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West Coast Welcomes CHF

Michael Assefa, Community Livelihoods Specialist with Janet Cater, Manager of Fundraising


This month, we were very fortunate to have Michael Assefa, CHF’s Community Livelihoods Specialist in Bati, Ethiopia, available to speak to donors in Victoria and Vancouver.

Dressed in the formal dress of Ethiopia, Michael touched both heads and hearts with his compelling presentation held in Vancouver, hosted by CHF Chair Dr. Woollard.

From Vancouver, Michael traveled with CHF staff Roger Young and Janet Cater to Victoria, where our second event was held. CHF staff was touched by the compassion of our guests and donors, and their interest in our Ethiopia project.

For more information on the CHF’s Partnership for Food Security project in Bati, Ethiopia, click here.

CHF Hosts Ethics in Development Seminar

Should development look at the root causes of global inequality, or simply address its symptoms? What is development’s role in violent conflict and militarism? How should international development agencies conduct their fundraising activities?

These questions, and many more, are addressed by the Code of Ethics, published by the Canadian Council for International Co-operation (CCIC). As the Code was recently re-approved and adopted by CHF’s Board of Directors, CHF continues to work towards higher and higher levels of ethical understanding and practice. 

In October, CCIC’s Anne Buchanan visited CHF to provide an interactive seminar on the Code of Ethics. Through problem-solving activities and group discussions, CHF staff gained a more profound understanding of the Code and how it can be applied to CHF’s work — both in the field and right here in Canada.

CHF Guyana Finalist in International Cooperation Awards

CHF's Building Community Capacity Project (BCCP) in Guyana was a finalist in the 14th Annual Canadian Awards for International Cooperation, sponsored by the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME).

One of just three projects short-listed for the Award for Improvement of Social Instrastructure/Condition, BCCP has developed a series of tailored training programs for community leaders and NGOs in over 20 small communities in Guyana.

Gifts Through United Way

Did you know that most United Way campaigns allow donations to be designated to any registered charity, including CHF? Give to CHF through your local United Way campaign by quoting registration #RR0001.

Book Pick
We Must Set Forth at Dawn

For over thirty-five years, the Nobel Prize-winning poet, novelist, lecturer and human rights activist Wole Soyinka has been in the forefront of protesting the tragic politics of his homeland, Nigeria. You Must Set Forth at Dawn is a personal narrative that describes Professor Soyinka’s experiences of protest, harassment and incarceration, exposing the injustices that he witnessed in Nigeria.

Publication Pick
Africa Up In Smoke

Garnering much media attention and public interest, the UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change took place in Nairobi, Kenya last week. Produced to inform the Convention’s debate, Africa Up In Smoke describes the unique impact of climate change on the continent, and outlines in detail the relationship between global warming and desertification, drought and even HIV/AIDS. Published by the International Institute for Environment and Development.
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