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Look Deeper and Win!

This month, CHF launched a new and improved Look Deeper web site. The new site features:

  • Articles and video. Find out how global poverty affects you. Learn more about Africa’s future. Explore the impact of media and celebrity culture on our understanding of international development.
  • Myth busting. Money flows north to south, or does it? There’s no point providing aid to corrupt countries, right? Does HIV/AIDS in Africa really affect men and women equally?
  • CHF’s Look Deeper quiz. Win fascinating books, fabulous CDs or fair trade, organic chocolate. Some of the answers to the quiz may surprise you! Take the Look Deeper quiz now!

First Prize

Special book collection including Race Against Time by Stephen Lewis, Earth Democracy: Justice, Sustainability and Peace by Vandana Shiva and Out of Poverty by John Stackhouse.

Second Prize

The award-winning African Guitar Summit I and II CDs.

Third Prize

Cocoa Camino Fair Trade chocolate gift basket.

CHF Releases Capacity Building Document

There is a growing recognition among international development practitioners and policy makers of the importance of strengthening the capacity of local governments and civil society organizations.

The CHF Capacity Building Approach document articulates CHF's philosophy and approach to capacity building. It is based on 45 years of development experience and lessons learned from designing and implementing hundreds of projects with developing country partners throughout the world.

To access CHF's Capacity Building document, click here.

CHF Staff Attends UN Model Mission

Paula Richardson plays the role of UN peace- keeper as part of the Model Mission.

Paula Richardson, Program Officer at CHF, attended a four-day simulated peace and security operation for young Canadians, conducted by the Pearson Peacekeeping Centre and held in Ottawa. The first of its kind, the Model Mission offered 100 young Canadians a chance to experience a sophisticated simulated conflict emergency.

“The simulation was an incredibly intense experience,” explains Paula. “It gave me a greater sense of the politics and planning requirements for aid in complex conflict environments.”

The simulation revolved around the made-up country of Fontinalis, which was experiencing civil conflict. During the simulation, participants were required to attend daily morning mission briefings, arrange bilateral meetings, and present key lessons learned in a back-brief to the UN panel, chaired by The Honourable Flora MacDonald.

“In the first learning module, I represented an international NGO,” says Paula. “In the second, I played the role of a lawyer for the International Red Cross who had to attend to missing and internally displaced persons. In the third, I donned the blue helmet and full army gear as a peace keeper for the UN forces and was ‘trained’ under Major-General (ret'd) Lewis Mackenzie.”


Concert Pick
Salif Keita in Ottawa
April 23

Keita's music combines the traditional griot music of his Malian childhood with other West African music styles along with influences from Cuba, Spain, and Portugal, while maintaining an overall Islamic sound. Considered by many the Golden Voice of Africa, he performs as part of the Ottawa Jazz Festival’s Winter Concert Series. For more information, visit,

Book Pick
Deep Economy: The Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future
By Bill McKibben

Rather than promoting accelerated cycles of economic expansion — a mindset that has brought the world to the brink of environmental disaster — McKibben insists we should concentrate on creating strong localized economies. When discussing the developing world, he suggests that the principle challenge is to convince poor nations they will not grow their way out of poverty.