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Join CHF for Provocative Presentation by African Livelihoods Expert

Photo: Malex Alebikiya, Secretary General of ACDEP (right) with Gordon Ekekpi, Project Manager for CHF’s FARMER project in Ghana (left).

Join CHF for a thought-provoking evening with Mr. Malex Alebikiya, one of Ghana’s leading experts on food security and sustainable livelihoods.

All CHF e-bulletin subscribers and donors are invited to the presentation on Tuesday, February 6, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at CHF Headquarters, 323 Chapel Street, Ottawa.

Notoriously outspoken and entertaining, Mr. Malex Alebikiya will speak first-hand about the challenge of alleviating poverty in northern Ghana and how CHF’s work is helping to make a difference.

As Secretary General of CHF’s local partner, the Association of Church Development Projects (ACDEP), Mr. Alebikiya is working with CHF’s project that introduces alternative sources of income to Ghanaian farmers living in the drought-prone regions of northern Ghana.

While in Ottawa, Mr. Alebikiya will also address the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development in association with the Food Security Policy Group, a forum of non-governmental organizations concerned about the lack of government funding for food security initiatives.

Please RSVP by Thursday, February 1 to Janet Cater, Tel: (613)237-0180, Ext.214,

Thank You for Making CHF’s Gifts That Matter a Resounding Success!

Thank you to the over 2,000 Canadians who purchased $186,000 worth of Gifts That Matter this year. From goats to chicks to clean water systems, these gifts will make a huge difference for those living in poverty in the rural communities CHF serves.

According to Janet Cater, Manager of Fundraising, “Last year, we were very encouraged by the number of donkeys people purchased, especially as it was our first year. This year, even more individuals and whole families chose to make the holiday meaningful by purchasing CHF’s alternative gifts. In fact, CHF received 60% more donations this year compared to last year.”

“I was very touched by people’s support,” she explains. “We had one grandfather who bought a gift for each of his 11 grandchildren.”

“Other families chose to purchase the nutrition garden for orphans, which costs $500,” Cater adds. “We had assumed only schools or classrooms would purchase the garden because of the cost, but clearly we had underestimated the remarkable generosity of our donors.”

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In the process of building the necessary social and economic resilience, we might also transform society for the better. Written by Thomas Homer-Dixon, winner of the Governor General’s Award for The Ingenuity Gap and Director of the Trudeau Centre for the Study of Peace and Conflict at the University of Toronto. 

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