Ethiopia: The Path to Self-Resiliency

This report is the result of a research effort managed and coordinated by CHF on behalf of the 15-member Canadian NGO Network in Ethiopia (CANGO) to assess the factors that contribute to the vulnerability and resilience of communities and households in rural Ethiopia.

Summary of Findings

Vol. 1: Final Report

Vol. 2: Regional Specific Findings

Vol. 3: Annexes

Vol. 4: Literature Review


CHF's Capacity Building Model

CHF shares its expertise in capacity building of local NGOs and networks for rural communities.

pdf Capacity Building (English) (196 KB)

Building Community Capacity Project (BCCP),
Guyana: Lessons Learned (1996-2003)
CHF’s BCCP focuses on the capacity building of 20 Guyanese NGOs. It has achieved dramatic results. The key to its success is an organizational coaching model that tailors interventions to the specific needs and abilities of each organization.
pdf bccp.pdf (English) (PDF, 379kb)

Sustainable Livelihoods Approach Guidelines
The Sustainable Livelihoods Approach Guidelines is an introduction to CHF’s SLA philosophy. It is intended for program managers, country directors, senior program staff and local partners.
pdf SLA.pdf (English) (PDF, 1.3mg)

AIDS Workshop
Workshop on Incorporating HIV/AIDS and Gender Considerations in Agricultural Programming
AIDS Workshop.pdf (English) (399,0 KB)

HIV/AIDS, Gender Inequality and the Agricultural Sector
Guidelines for Incorporating HIV/AIDS and Gender Considerations into Agricultural Programming in High Incidence Countries
Gender Inequality Agriculture.pdf (English) (830,0 KB)
Gender Inequality Agriculture.pdf (French) (831,0 KB)

A Food Security Perspective on Canada’s International Trade and Development Assistance Policies
A Discussion Paper for the Government of Canada’s International Policy Review, prepared by the Canadian Food Security Policy Group (FSPG)
A Food Security.pdf (English) (830,0 KB)
A Food Security.pdf (French) (831,0 KB)

Reducing Poverty Through Partnership
Presentation at the Regional Conference - A New Perspective on Poverty in the Caribbean
Munish CDB presentation1.pdf (77,0 KB)

Statement on Sustainable Rural Development
Minister's Round Table "The Role of Agriculture in Canada's International Assistance Program"
Agriculture statement revised.pdf (26,0 KB)

The H.O.P.E. Project
This document represents local experience and fieldwork on approaches to community-based peacebuilding in South Sudan.
HOPEBook5.pdf (1716 KB)

Small Scale Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition
Defining the role of small scale agriculture in food security and nutrition programming.
Food Security Brief.pdf (English) (789,6 KB)

Lessons Learned - Pastoralist Development Project
This document is a compilation of Lessons Learned in a 12 year Pastoralist Development project in Northern Kenya
PDP lessons learned.pdf (959.3 KB)

Collaboration Between NGOs and the Mining Industry In the Third World
Can international development NGOs and the mining industry find common ground and work together in the Third World?
minespac.pdf (43 KB)

The AFPRO - CHF/PARTNERS Biogas Project
Lessons Learned: The Indian Perspective

A review of the project's performance has elicited a number of lessons which are expected to be very useful to other similar projects.
Biogas Lessons Learned.pdf (415.6 KB)

PROCEEDINGS: Rural Renewable Energy and Climate Change
Sixth Symposium on Global Responsibility June, 2000
CHF-PARTNERS in Rural Development, staged its Sixth Symposium on Global Responsibility on April 4, 2000 in Hull, Quebec with the financial and intellectual support of the Canadian International Development Agency, Natural Resources Canada and Environment Canada. This year, the theme was rural renewable energy and climate change with a focus on developing countries.
Symposium 2000.pdf (3331 KB)