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Global Link for Teachers is a newsletter produced twice a year by CHF. It keeps you up-to-date with CHF's latest resources for teaching Global Education.

CHF's Global Education Program

Interested in teaching your students about the issues affecting poor rural communities in developing countries?

Join the hundreds of schools that have been involved with CHF’s Global Education program across Canada.

All of our educational materials come directly from our experience in the field — CHF's work with communities in developing countries.

We offer presentations, lessons, videos and events to raise awareness and involve your students in poverty reduction.


What’s Available For You


Talking about development can be a fun way to introduce your students to important issues that affect us all — historical, environmental and geographic. At CHF we make it easy!

Interactive presentations, complete with images of the communities we empower, are provided in your classroom by well-trained, knowledgeable Global Educators.

  • Presentations are adaptable for all grade levels and group sizes.
  • Presentations are currently available in the Ottawa and Toronto areas only.
  • Presentations coming soon to Calgary in Spring 2007!

To find out more, click here.

Teaching Resources

We have worked with Canadian teachers to develop easy-to-use resources linked to school curriculum. CHF provides these tools to help you inform your students about the issues affecting families in developing countries.

Our sought-after resources include videos for primary/junior and intermediate/senior levels.

As well, lessons for primary/junior and intermediate/senior are available directly on-line. If you prefer a copy of the lessons in booklet form, you can order here.


Do you want to involve your students? Part of inspiring and educating our students is to empower them to be a part of the solution.

CHF has many projects that your class or school can support.

Hold an event such as Kids Helping Kids Around the World. Raise funds and choose much needed items for the communities we work with at Gifts That Matter.

Dollars raised will be matched 3 to 1 by CIDA, so if your school raises $100, $400 of support goes to help families in developing countries!